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 – Intercourse Timing Therapy

Intercourse Timing Therapy

follicle endometrium

For those patients who have been recommended for yet are reluctant to do Artificial Insemination or In vitro Fertilization we suggest that they first attempt Intercourse Timing Therapy.
Intercourse timing therapy, very basically, is conception through the performance of normal sexual intercourse after taking into consideration other factors. With appropriate direction, an understanding of optimal timing (accurately knowing the peak ovulation time), and recognition of having the minimal sexual function requirements, a couple may be able to conceive a child naturally.


The dominant follicle disappears and on a subsequent scan, a solid corpus luteum can be seen in its place. The endometrium thickens and the appearance of it changes in response to secretion of progesterone by the corpus luteum. (becoming wider and ticken)


We recommend Intercourse Timing Therapy to couples that meet all of the following conditions.

  • There are no problems with the male partner’s sperm,
  • Neither of the fallopian tubes are blocked,
  • The couple is reasonably young,
  • The couple have either only been together for a short time or they have not had inter course on a regular basis,
  • The couple would prefer to conceive as naturally as possible.


There are 2 methods of conducting Intercourse Timing Therapy. One method is performed in accordance with the natural menstrual cycle and the second is performed along with the use of an ovulation-inducing agent.