First Visit

First Visit

Infertility is commonly defined as the inability to conceive after two years of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. Infertility is a widespread problem that affects many couples. For many of these couples there are many treatment solutions available ranging from simple advice to highly technical procedures. We adjust the treatment to patients’ desires. An appointment is not needed for the first visit, tests, or harvesting ovum (in vitro fertilization). Sperm can be frozen and stored during the first visit. 2 or 3 treatments worth of sperm can be collected and frozen during the first visit. Freezing sperm does not hurt it in any way. Preserving sperm and embryos by freezing is a common practice worldwide. Recent improvement of male related infertility treatment show that the rates for success when using fresh, frozen (thawed), or sperm from asthenozoospermic men to be all just as effective. For first time patients, please click in the links below and download the indicated forms. Print, fill in the forms and bring them to our hospital at the time of your first visit. Doing this will reduce your waiting time . First time patients forms (Download:Ladies Excel PDF Men Excel PDF


We ask that both partners come for the first visit so that both can be tested at the same time. Testing takes about half a day.


malePlease abstain from ejaculating for 2-3 days prior to your visit. Please bring with you any test results obtained from other hospitals that you may have. If for some reason during your first visit you require a testicular biopsy, or would like to have your sperm frozen please contact us so that we may book appointment for these procedures.


femaleIf you have been measuring and charting your Basal Body Temperature, please bring your temperature chart with you. If possible please schedule your first visit during a week where you are in a high BBT temperature phase so that the condition of your endometrial layer can be accurately assessed. (In cases where this is may not be possible you can still visit anytime other than during menstruation.) In the case where a hysterosalpinogram may be required we ask that you abstain from unprotected intercourse during the high BBT temperature phase prior to your visit.