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hospitalSt. Mother Hospital
ADDRESS : 4-9-12 Orio, Yahatanishi, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, JAPAN
TEL : +81-93-601-2000
FAX : +81-93-691-5004
URL : http://www.stmother.com/
MAIL : incho@stmother.com


  • JR Kagoshima/Chikuho Line ( Orio Station ) 3 min. walk from West Exit of the station
  • Nishitetsu Line ( Orio Station ) 5 min. walk from the station
  • City Bus ( Gakuen-odori Bus Stop ) 1 min. walk from the bus stop




Fukuoka Airport — (10 min. by subway) — JR Hakata station — JR Kagoshima Line towards Kokura: (40 min. by rapid train) — JR Orio station — (3 min. walk) — Hospital


Kokura station — (JR Kagoshima Line towards Hakata: 20 min. by rapid train) — JR Orio station — (3 min. walk) — Hospital


Kurosaki/Orio Exit (Kitakyushu Express Highway) — (15 min. drive) — Hospital

Access Map and Parking Information

Distant Patients

So as to reduce the inconvenience of unnecessary trips we recommend that distant patients find a reliable gynecologist in their local area who can administer the ovulation-inducing agent and monitor egg development. For those times you will travel here and will be staying overnight, check our web site for accommodations that offer discount rates for our patients.