Typical Treatment

 – Piezo ICSI

Newly improved Piezo ICSI

Dr.Hiraoka, reported great outcomes using Piezo-ICSIclinical1) .

However, this technique has a minor drawback. That is, it injects the whole sperm head into the oocyte along with a lot of medium.

The cytoplasm is not affected at all if the medium is aspirated completely. However, if there is any trouble during aspiration, oocytes will easily die.

I developed a new technique to address and overcome this problem.

First, cut the sperm tail just under the midpiece, this is a very easy procedure. Then, aspirate the shortened sperm head first, push the zona pellucida slowly, add a very weak single pulse and put the sperm in.

This method is effective for aged oocytes and low-quality oocyte and increases blastocyst formation rate (10%).

If you have any questions, please free to ask me anytime. I’ll be pleased to clarify anything.



1) K.Hiraoka and S.Kitamura. Clinical efficiency of Piezo-ICSI using micropipettes with a wall thickness of 0.625 μm. J Assist Reprod Genet. 2015 Dec; 32(12): 1827–1833.