Typical Treatment

 – Effects and Risks

Ovulation inducing agent (fertility drug) side effects

OHSSOvulation inducing agent is necessary to develop many matured eggs to increase the pregnancy rate. Some patients who are sensitive for this agent will suffer from the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Which involves enlargement of both ovaries, ascites, difficulty breathing, thrombosis and fatal though very rare. To combat these side effects we monitor patients closely for symptoms of OHSS. Under the careful and enough monitoring occurrence of this side effect is preventable. Minor side affects occur commonly and when serious ones occur they happen very infrequently (less than 2% of cases). One of our staff doctors is a fully qualified anesthesiologist and our facility is fully prepared for most circumstances where hospitalization might be necessary. In treating such a reaction our facility has some of the most advanced medical systems available if need be, and in the unlikelihood that major care would be needed, a major University medical Hospital is less than one kilometer from our hospital.

Risks and Solutions


  • Excessive multiple pregnancies (15-20%)
  • Excessive bleeding during oocyte collection (0.5%)
  • Infection during oocyte collection (0.2%)
  • Ectopic pregnancy (2-3%)
    • Previously experienced ectopic pregnancy.
    • Salpingitis (pelvic inflamatory disease)
    • A history of surgery on a fallopian tube.
    • Peritubal adhesions (out side of tubes)


  • Single embryo transfer.
  • Embryo cryopreservation.
  • Appropriate ovarian stimulation option.
  • Use a finer needle.
  • Proper cleansing of the vagina before collection.
  • Accurate diagnosis through laparoscopy followed by prompt treatment.